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National Print & Design in West Palm Beach, FL

About Printing

  Studies show that print advertising beats digital advertising in both desire & emotion. There is something special about the printed page. It educates. It engages. It’s convenient and comfortable. Everywhere you look, people are reading books, magazines and other forms of print. The allure and value of ink on paper endures. People are more engaged with their print magazines than their digital ones. Take advantage of the broad appeal of this timeless form of communication with National Print & Design.

Paper is GOOD

  Paper products are recyclable, renewable and sustainable. Paper is meeting a global demand in all aspects of everyday life. Paper is fundamental to communication, education and information. Ensuring a market for paper helps ensure a market for trees. The U.S. Forest Service reports that 1.2 billion trees are planted each year. The nation has 20 percent more trees today than it did on its first Earth Day in 1970. Paper is GOOD, and we want people to feel GOOD about it.

Print Offers Are Longer-Lasting

Have you ever lost an email? Or forgotten to bookmark a sale offer? Or simply missed something in the shuffle of social media? Online marketing is fast-paced, and while that has many advantages it can also cause some information to get lost in the shuffle. Print, on the other hand, sticks around. This makes it an especially good choice if you are trying to promote a sale or introductory offer.


Real Clients Real Reviews 


“I have worked with David for almost 10 years and in that entire time he has repeatedly produced quality work in a timely manner both professionally and personally. I have recommended, and will continue to recommend, David to other organizations without hesitation.”

Debra L. Van De Warker, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

“David and National Print Design are always extremely professional. The quality of work is remarkable no matter if we are printing 5,000 invitations or 12. He is always prompt and the service is top notch. I am always referring other companies and friends to him and have never been disappointed.”

Megan Fogg, Cystic Fibrosis

“As a business owner, branding a business and making a great impression on your customers is critical. David and his experienced staff have helped me to do just that! Not only did they produce a superior product, but they designed it, carefully proofed it, and printed and delivered it with expedience! I could not have asked for more professionalism.”

Amanda Weiss, Optometrist, Owner at SeaView Eyecare

“We have worked with David Ebenstein and Sarah Koester of National Print and Design for many years for most of our printing projects. We are always pleased with their professionalism, dependability and quality of work.”

Sheree Davis, Administrative Assistant at Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults

“I had the pleasure of spending several hours with David at his operations a few weeks ago. Not only was I impressed by the vast knowledge he and his people held on his operations, but also the state of the art equipment and efficiencies that he utilizes.”

Steven Friedman

“I’ve worked with David on several projects, he is always professional in his pursuit in quality and price for his customers.”

Gary Jacobowitz, VP at Winsted Thermographers

“While it may seem like there are many choices for printing, there is only one David Ebenstein. Knowledgeable and skilled in his craft, he is genuinely concerned for his customer and for the job that goes out with his name on it. Hard on himself, David puts a little of himself in every job that he does. You can count on him to do whatever is needed to get the job done right.”

Richard S. Hartman, The Hartman Team

“The Palm Beach Yacht Club has so greatly benefitted from partnering with Dave Ebenstein at his former company, and now with his new National Print & Design. Dave, along with his talented graphic artist Sarah, have been responsible for enhancing our brand and providing us with exceptional quality and quick service.”

Elaine L. Ragon, General Manager at Palm Beach Yacht Club